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Training 1 #ACTonHatespeech

(16-18 December 2020, Germany, Virtual training)

The first training took place in December 2020 and focused on the themes ‘hate speech and fake news’. People being attacked on Facebook because of their religious beliefs, women fighting for gender equality on twitter plastered with hate and fake news, homosexuals receiving death threats online. These are just three examples showing that something has changed online and offline in recent years. 
The training addressed these issues and showed the participating teachers, trainers and/or mentors how to react in multiple ways in their daily work. The first part of the training focused on examples of hate speech and fake news, examined the effects these phenomena can have on victims and looked at the reasons for the rise in hate speech and fake news on the internet. In the second part of the training, a number of a number of possible reaction strategies such as humour, discussions, legal means and others were presented and tested. In addition, the training provided the teachers and trainers with information and training on how to address these issues with their participants through workshops. 

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