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Training 2 #ACTonCyberbulling

(5-7 October 2021, Italy, Virtual Training) 

The second training took place in October 2021 and focused on the theme ‘cyberbullying’. Cyberbullying is a form of harassment or bullying with the use of digital devices. The training looked at what cyberbullying is, what effects it has on those affected by it. The training also looked at the differences between cyberbullying and hate speech. Furthermore, it provided the participating teachers and trainers with a range of methods, reaction strategies etc. that they can use can help those affected by cyberbullying. Two experts also provided valuable insights into the issue of cyberbullying: Georgio Ceccone (Social Warning – Movimento Etico Digitale) and Francesco Tommasi (Univeryity of Verona, Ph.D. Candidate in work and organisational psychology).

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